Leading executive coach to speakers and authors and Center for Executive Coaching alumni offers advice to other coaches

Certified Executive Coach and CEC alumni Orvel Ray Wilson is a seasoned coach and a the leading Guerrilla Marketing authors. He specializes in coaching speakers and authors to enjoy more success. In this video interview he explains how his practice has evolved and the keys to his success. Orvel Ray shows that you can be successful even coaching owners of the smallest possible business (solo professionals). The way that he has grown his practice and stays visible, and the way that he attracts clients, is invaluable — no matter what your target market.

He represents the caliber of professional that we attract and seek at the Center for Executive Coaching and we are proud that he selected our program when he decided to become Certified.

Enjoy the video (and please excuse my stumbling over Orvel Ray’s words at the beginning; I’m a coach and coach trainer more than a professional interviewer!), and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime to discuss your goals as an executive coach. All we ask is that you review the programs on our website first.

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