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Find out why people travel from 32 countries to experience what one participant calls “a game changer” in their careers

“I felt sooo happy that I went to the seminar.   Being a great teacher and human being, you’ve attracted so many good people around you, which makes all the learning enjoyable and super fruitful.   I came home with so many ideas…I want to let you know what a privilege it was for me to learn from you and your other students.”

– Liping Feng

“What an incredible experience, group of people and leadership! Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

– Kathy Mullen

Please join us for our live Executive Coaching 4-day intensive seminar that is sure to be a highlight of your career. People leave this seminar with confidence, deep skills, and an incredible sense of energy, passion, and possibility about succeeding as an executive coach. You also get practical, powerful tools and strategies to attract and delight clients. And, you accelerate your Certification, because you get Certified upon successful completion of this seminar.

Advantages of attending include:

  • Small group and personalized attention, because attendance is extremely limited

  • You are automatically enrolled in our ongoing distance learning program, so that you receive ongoing support before and after the seminar. You can always participate in our weekly calls, network with our members, access your member area for updated content, and get one-on-one support whenever needed.

  • Meet an incredible group of highly accomplished professionals, whether to form alliances or add to your network for support and idea generation long after the seminar.

  • Enjoy high energy, practical case studies, and the momentum that comes from back-to-back practice.

  • Get the best guidance in the industry about positioning your coaching services, whether as an internal or external coach.

  • All hours count towards an ICF designation, if that is a goal.

  • You leave energized, more confident, and with both a 30-day and long-term plan.

Note: This seminar throws out many of the rules of traditional “instructional design” that make most trainings so frustrating and boring. Our members are impatient, results-driven, highly effective professionals. We treat you the way you expect to be treated, without fluff, boring lectures and theory, or slow-moving discussions of ground rules and process before every session. Instead, we keep you engaged and involved, with an emphasis on improving your coaching skills and confidence in a high-energy, fun environment. At the same time, Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich personally leads the training and is accessible if you need one-on-one time for your specific questions.

“I’m so glad I came down for the workshop as I got to meet an amazing group of brilliant high achievers. It was a wonderful experience and I’m confident that we can rely on each other to reach our aspirations as we move forward!”

– Joyce Lum

Upcoming Dates (register NOW so that you can get started and build a base via our distance learning program and manuals):

  • May 18 – 21, 2017
  • September 7 – 10, 2017
  • November 9 – 12, 2017


Hotel: Seminars are held at a resort on the beautiful Gulf Beach of Sarasota, Florida, and also near the highly acclaimed downtown Sarasota and St. Armand’s Circle. You cannot beat the location. Bring your family or add some time for a vacation. A corporate rate is available so that you get a discounted rate right on the beach!

Airports: Sarasota, Tampa, or Ft Myers.

Requirements: This program is ONLY available to members of the Center for Executive Coaching distance learning Certification program. If you are interested in attending this in-person seminar, step one is to join our distance learning program or join Option 2 on our Get Certified Page.

Cost: Choose Option 2 on our Get Certified page. The cost is $7,500 and includes everything on our website, including our full distance learning program and support before and after the seminar; access to our member area with hundreds of hours of audio lectures, video demonstrations, and webinars; weekly live teleclasses; marketing materials and support; toolkits that you can use immediately with clients; and 6 manuals delivered to you in the mail and available via pdf. YOU CAN PAY UPFRONT AND SAVE OR PAY IN CONVENIENT INSTALLMENTS.

Click Here to Pay in Monthly Installments Click Here to Pay in Full (Ready to register but have some questions? Call 941-539-9623. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions)

NOTE: If cash flow is an option, contact us and we can discuss additional options to meet your budget. We understand that many solopreneurs are on an “entrepreneurial budget” and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

This is a great way to accelerate your learning while getting everything you need to be a top tier executive coach while forming alliances with some incredible people from around the world. PLUS — THE TRAINING CONTINUES AFTER YOU LEAVE BECAUSE YOU GET LIFETIME ACCESS TO OUR WEEKLY TELECLASSES, EMAIL SUPPORT, ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT, VIDEO TRAINING, AND MEMBER AREA. No other training program gives you this level of support, even at twice the price.

NOTE: SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED. We reserve small rooms on purpose to encourage more of a “board room” feeling. Book today because we often sell out.

“I am truly grateful to have been in the room in the presence of such a phenomenal collection of human beings. I can truly say that both on a personal and professional level I am not the same person who showed up on Friday morning and I am indebted to each of you for that. One of my biggest takeaways was that I hadn’t been doing as much as I could have to create the reality I wanted. At the core I believe there were just some things I didn’t know how to start, and thanks to the myriad of frameworks and models we worked through, knowing how to get started is so much a non issue for me now.”

– Reggie Crane

High Level Agenda:

  • Coaching Conversations

  • The Coaching Process

  • Structuring Your Practice

  • Assessment Tools

  • The Orientations of the Top-Tier Coach and Trusted Advisor

  • Coaching During Key Executive Situations (influence, power base, strategy, engaging employees, managing up, communicating powerfully, and more)

  • Developing Your Own Coaching Frameworks to Set Yourself Apart as a Go-To Expert

  • The Proven Strategies and Tactics for Attracting Clients

  • Finding Your Most Profitable Niche

  • Building Your Practice Into a Leading Firm

  • Your Next 30 Days

To see if you are a good fit, call Andrew Neitlich directly at 941-539-9623,



“Thank you for an innovative and effective training experience. I’ve been to what seems like hundreds of these things and I can truly say that I was completely engaged (and entertained — you’re brilliantly funny!). The true test for me is if I get bored/sleepy. That did not happen, so congrats!”

– Lorinda Clausen, CEO, Clausen Consulting

“Over the many years of attending a boat load of seminars, I can honestly say this group was by far the most engaging and supportive collaboration I have ever experienced. For me, some of the turning points in my own thinking was the willingness of individuals to share their own life experiences, which is a powerful tool each of us must be willing to use in order to “inspire” others. I am deeply grateful to everyone in this group who gave me that gift, it was an honor and a treasure I’ll hold to my heart for many years. Once again, Andrew has put together a product that went well beyond the tangible costs. He created a safe environment for us to explore our abilities, but more importantly, he gave us the recipe for success and an avenue to overcome our limiting beliefs. For that, I am extremely grateful.”

– Ron Shepard

“Your seminar was simply amazing. I have met a lot of people in my career who are dynamic and electric. You move to the top of that list. I have a better framework to build my new business with renewed enthusiasm. The coaching demonstrations, especially about limiting perceptions, were kick-butt and hit home. I will also be working on my book thanks to your encouragement.”

– S. Reynolds

“This seminar is a game changer.”

– T. Hobbs, EVP, Practice Leader, Integrated Health Strategies

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