Do you want to have a turn key leadership curriculum?

Let's be honest. You know many coaches, and so do I. For many of them, their content is light weight at best.

To be a top-tier coach, you need a depth and breadth of content that will keep your clients engaged and challenged. You need a turn key leadership curriculum.

Here are some examples of tools, frameworks, and situations where you had better have an existing tool kit, if you want to work with executives and talented managers:

– Handling the gut-wrenching speed of change in business today

– Dealing with ridiculous levels of complexity and information overload

– Engaging and mobilizing a cynical work force

– Managing up

– Fostering collaboration up, down, across, and outside the organization

– Developing a high performance culture

– Being a leader and communicating with impact

– Influencing others with powerful conversations

– Mastering conversations that move things forward towards results

– Building a powerbase of relationships that help one's ability to make things happen and also move up in one's career

– Career transition planning and coaching

– Assessing one's own strengths and development needs, including possible behavioral blind spots, and making appropriate improvements

– Thinking comprehensively and systematically about issues

– Creating a succession plan

– Managing a successful merger/acquisition

– Crisis management

– Handling conflicts and personality differences

– Developing a concise, one-page dashboard that keeps the executive laser focused on what matters

– Managing time in a 24/7 world, while avoiding burn out

– Avoiding the temptation and slippery slope of ethical and moral turpitude

– Creating a powerful strategy, and making sure that it gets implemented

The above represent only a tiny portion of our curriculum. Some of our members call this program a Masters level program in leadership and organization development, in addition to a practical, hard-hitting coach training course. Once you have this content, you can use it in a variety of ways to build your practice: as a one-on-one and group coach, as part of a leadership training program, with seminars, as someone who creates leadership development programs for organizations, as a facilitator working with executive teams, and more.

Sign up now, and get your turn key leadership curriculum.

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