7 Keys to a Successful Executive Coaching Practice

Following is a recording of our recent Open House and Masterclass, “7 Keys to a Successful Executive Coaching Practice.” We offer these Masterclasses to help you decide whether the Center for Executive Coaching is the right choice for you as you choose an executive coaching certification. Please review the video and, if you like the content, explore our programs and reach out to discuss fit. Thank you and enjoy!

Here is an executive summary of the points made in the video:

  • Stop selling executive coaching, start solving problems. Coaching is a commodity. A focus on solving problems positions you as a professional who provides value.
  • Create a strong marketing message/positioning for your executive coaching practice and solutions. Most coaches have a weak message. A good message includes: the problem you solve and for whom, the benefits you provide, why you are unique compared to others, proof, and a call to action that gives readers a chance to learn more in a risk-free but high-value way.
  • Get visible in the only four ways that work. The four ways are: relationship marketing, educational marketing, leadership roles, and online marketing.
  • Make the time required. When we hear from coaches who aren’t getting clients, one of our first questions is about how much time they are spending on business development. Often, it isn’t nearly enough.
  • Increase your conversation ratio by coaching the client through the buying process. You don’t have to sell or feel awkward closing deals. We teach you how to coach the client through the buying process using natural conversations.
  • Bake value into every conversation with the client. For instance, start each session by setting a clear intent for the session that will be valuable for the client when achieved.
  • Create the domino effect. The domino effect means that you build long-term relationships with clients. They extend engagements, hire you to help address a variety of challenges they face, and refer you to others.
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