Since our inception, we have made available to all of our executive coaching certification members a set of interactive toolkits they can use immediately with clients.

The results have been great, and these tools are getting rave reviews. That’s because our members now have frameworks and methodologies they can brand with their own logos and put to work right away with clients. These toolkits are also powerful business development tactic to stand apart in the market.

For instance, suppose your client has a behavior that might be holding back his or her career, or has identified a new behavior that he wants to develop to improve the way he works with other people. There is a ready-made toolkit to measure and track progress, and make sure (using proven science about changing behaviors) that the new behavior becomes a habit.

Or, what if the client wants to get his or her idea accepted throughout the organization? There is a tool to map out the politics of the idea and determine the right way to proceed.

Our coaches can use these tools and apply them instantly. That’s because we train you on the conversations and
competencies required to be a coach who gets results and, once you get the hang of your first toolkit, the others follow

There are toolkits for: strategic planning (this one can be sold for well over $20,000per engagement); one-on-one influence conversations; engaging and mobilizing employees; succession planning; developing employees; creating a high-performance culture; changing limiting perceptions; and many more.

If you have these toolkits, you not only get faster, better results with clients. You also get a valuable way to open doors and close more engagements, because clients want to see that you have a proven methodology to help them solve key challenges. Also, you can use these tools to lead seminars, do group coaching, and facilitate talent development.

If you would like to add tools like this to your existing coaching or consulting practice, or you are just getting started and want to get momentum quickly, then sign up with our program.  Assuming that you are a fit for our program (we seek seasoned, practical professionals), I sincerely hope that we get to work together.

To learn more, see this overview of our approach, what sets us apart, and your program options. It’s a long page, but will give you the details you need to assess fit. You can learn with us via live, interactive webinars; recordings; and even an intensive virtual certification seminar.

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