Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is Out – Read early reviews

I am delighted to announce my new book, with Guerrilla Marketing father and founder Jay Conrad Levinson, “Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Six Steps to Building a Million-Dollar Firm.”

Let the people who have already read the book make the case on my behalf…Please read the reviews below (warning: it is a long list!), and then could I ask that you order your copy today on Amazon by clicking here?

Here are the reviews, and thank you for your consideration…

“Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches shakes the traditional foundation that coaches have built their practice on. Jay Conrad Levinson and Andrew Neitlich bring to the professional industry creative, powerful, and brilliant insights that if followed will result in a million dollar practice.”

—Jim Reilly, Keys to the Business

“Andrew delivers, yet again, with what could literally become the coaching book of the century; so if you absolutely, positively want to succeed in coaching ­then buy this book!”

Wayne Morris, Eventus Coaching

“Andrew has given me the information that I desperately needed to clear out the clutter, and replace them with strategies to move my business in the right direction, and with the right mind frame in place to execute my new strategies. As a solopreneur, my biggest obstacle is not having a giant marketing department behind me, dedicated to selling my business or me. This is where Andrew came in, and here I am working towards mastering these strategies.”

Sean, Owner, SPT

“Jay Conrad Levinson and Andrew Neitlich take you on a journey that not only helps you to understand how to create a coaching practice, but also develops your thinking as a business owner. The title of their introduction tells you something about their thinking in this book, ‘If coaching is booming, then why are so many coaches struggling to get by?’ In other words, they are not afraid to ask the tough questions, as well as offer their insights as to possible answers. The book is filled with practical suggestions as well as keen insights on how to build, work, and sustain a coaching practice. Many business books offer ideas about how to build a business. This Guerrilla approach helps to get beneath those ideas and figure out how to make it really work. Definitely worth your time to study.”

—Robert Hockin, Ph.D.

“Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is more than a marketing blueprint, it’s a six step Business Building Bible for Coaches – buy it, read it, do it and you will maximize results for your clients, colleagues and your career!”

Bill Lang, Creator of the “Scores on the Board – Skill Building System” and Principal, The Human Performance Company

“Whether you’re an experienced coach or one just starting out, Andrew Neitlich and Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is a must read. The book is a step-by-step guide for coaches who are serious about success. As a member of Andrew’s Center for Executive Coaching, I have used the principles they teach in Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches to accelerate my own success, as well as the success of the clients I coach. If you’ve been looking for something to help your coaching career take off, this is it. I only wish I had this information ten years ago!”

Joanie Natalizio, Defero Business Coaching, LLC

“The writing and central focus of Andrew’s work compels us all to take an introspective journey of self-discovery. This book helps you overcome the inherent fear of such a choice to pursue your own dreams with a proven model for success. If you learn from what Andrew is teaching, and apply it diligently and passionately in your own life, and professional practices, you cannot fail to achieve the goals, and objectives you set for yourself. The simple power of his proven methods
will fuel your passion, expand your vision, and drive your willingness to take the necessary risks in your own pursuit of performance excellence.”

Michael E. Frisina, Ph.D., Principal, The Frisina Group

“This book is the toolkit and roadmap to a seven-figure income! The wealth of information—including step-by-step processes—is coming from somebody who has been there and done it all. The most experienced coach will harvest many valuable tips, and the upcoming coach won’t be able to put it down. Earmark it, highlight it, and take action!”

—Helena Nyman, President Executive Center of Excellence,

“This book is a wealth of information for someone who wants to take the next step with their coaching or consulting business. You provide a comprehensive view of what it takes to make it in this industry. Great Book!”

—Deborah Burgesser, Principal Business Consultant, Executive Steps LLC,

 “Andrew Neitlich shows you how to clearly and proudly market yourself after identifying your unique qualities. Clarifying your marketing message and learning how to position yourself for success is extremely exciting, and the reward is great. With renewed confidence I’m taking the next step, resisting the urge to be all things to all people, and taking my business toward the next step of being prosperous for the long term.”

—Katie Miller, business coach and also the founder of Katie’s Cookies

Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is for real. While there are books about how to be a coach, there are very few that clearly depict how to create a real coaching business. Jay and Andrew excel at distilling the important information on creating a coaching business into a concrete set of actions to achieve success. If you are ready to create a sustaining and highly profitable coaching business, this is the guidebook.”

—Michael Wm. Dann, CFP; Business and Leadership Coach; Bold In Life, LLC

“Andrew Neitlich is not only a coach’s coach, but an individual who truly inspires his clients. He lives, breathes and completely understands the steps necessary to be a professional business coach. Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is designed to help you differentiate yourself from the multitudes. Coaching is a highly personal and individual choice, by helping coaches understand what makes them unique they can then become more of an effective resource for their clients. If you are ready to have the practice you thought of when you started then read Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches now; then get ready to be inspired by one of the best.”

—Thom Torode, MBA, CBC; President, Action Business Coaching & Development, Inc.; Managing Director, Sunrise Capital Group, LLC,

“Well Done! Purely a masterpiece; Andrew and Jay you have done it again. Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is a must read for anyone trying to take their coaching practice to the next level. Andrew and Jay spell it out for you step by step — with no non-sense approach and a straight path to success. Andrew: I continue to build my practice on everything you have taught me through your words and coaching. Your approach is direct, one that I think every coach can appreciate. Thank you for continuing to put out educational materials that give coaches a formula for success. This book will definitely be one that I keep near and dear to me.”

Jason Baer, Executive, Sales and Business Coaching, Precision Winning

 “Andrew Neitlich and Jay Conrad Levinson’s new book Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is a much needed, directional breath of fresh air. As an Executive Wellness Coach, I often tell my clients how important it is to stay motivated and focused on specific goals for success and results. This book cleverly does this for coaches in a concise and brilliant way. With a laser focus and inspiration, it serves as a success compass for coaches of all denomination. The authors leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing and achieving a ‘million dollar’ coaching practice. I’m already integrating these tactics into my own business and helping other coaches find answers by sharing Neitlich’s and Levinson’s proven strategies. I highly recommend that every coach treat him/herself and their coaching practice to this amazing book!”

Rick Osborn, Executive Wellness Coach,

“Highly Recommended! A MUST Read for all coaches looking to shift their business into high gear. This book is a blueprint for long term success.”

Richard Pierce, six-time business owner and Principal @

 “I loved this book! I’ve read many marketing books for coaches over the years, and Andrew Neitlich’s Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is by far the best. It’s the one I’ll be recommending to colleagues.”

—Barbra Sundquist,

Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is a must have for people who want to be ‘rock star’ coaches. This book demystifies the path to prosperity, providing a powerful blueprint for a more rewarding experience as a coach. This book is powerful, accessible and most importantly empowers the reader to take action. Thank you to Andrew and Jay Conrad for so generously sharing proven strategies and tactics to raise the bar on being a successful coach.”

Kelley Black, Founder & Managing Director, Balancing the Executive Life

“Andrew is refreshing in his ability to present the facts while keeping the reader captivated, on the edge of my seat for the next tool that will catapult my business growth into an entirely new realm. All the while unveiling my unique style. He maps vision into actionable steps that anyone might follow to success. Reading Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is like watching your favorite game show and winning.”

—Ginger Reid; Principal; EnterUp, LLC

Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches provides a pragmatic path that clearly establishes both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of creating, maintaining and exiting a successful coaching practice. While there are certainly numerous gems to be mined from this book, the most powerful may be the page dedicated to claiming your power as a coach. Read it first, read it often and then follow the road map Andrew provides in this book and you will claim both your power and the rewards associated with being a highly successful coach.”

—Jeffrey G. Soper, Ph.D., Partner, LIPPartners and Author of Making HR CLICK: Critical Skills for the New Talent Practice

“Refreshingly crisp, genuine, and useful, Andrew Neitlich’s new book Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches sets the standard for everyone else. While other books offer theories and general ideas, Neitlich’s tour de force actually shows you how to set up a sustainable and lucrative living as a Coach. Chapter 6’s directive on developing a compelling marketing message is alone worth the price of the book. I’m living proof. This book’s bountiful resources and step by step marketing process propelled me from start-up to six figures in less than 14 months. Keep it handy. You will reach for this book over and over again as you build and solidify your coaching practice.”

Lorinda Clausen, Founder and President, People Strategy Advisors

 “Masterfully Done!! This book is an absolutely brilliant work; providing step by step, no nonsense, insightful and intuitive information. Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches provides you with all the tools, tips, and techniques necessary to engage immediately and stops short of actually doing the work for you.”

—T.M. Dickens, President, CEO, DICKENS Consulting Group LLC

“Every coach or consultant for that matter can benefit greatly from the ideas shared in this book. I’ve used quite a few with fantastic results so far and the momentum will only continue to grow. If you’re serious about building a successful and financially lucrative practice a practice that can be worth 7 or 8 figures then this book is a must read.”

—Justin Cauley, Business Enhancement & Value Maximization Expert,

“This is a must read for anyone looking to build a strong practice, from foundation to leverage and beyond! This book provides a six step blueprint to develop a solid marketing program that will ensure that you will never miss an ideal opportunity for growth. Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches delivers all of the strategies to help any coach establish the practice of his/her dreams!”

—Angela L. Edwards, President & CEO, Castle Thunder Technologies,

“WowMagnificent Insights! Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches is a great resource for all coaches at any level in their career to guide you in creating an innovative boost to new and current programs you offer as a coach. The real-life case studies and examples show you what works and what does not work. Jay Levinson and Andrew Neitlich have created another masterpiece!”

Charlene Mallay, Principal/Founder, Executive Edgeworks,

 “The content is as amazing, practical and profitable as the coaching services that Andrew provides. By applying only few of them I was able to duplicate my number of customers and increase revenue by almost 150% and learn how to focus my services to help my customers to increase their quality of life, competitiveness and what is the ultimate benefit for them, their profitability.”

Marco A. Nájera Sixto; Strategist, Coach and Consultant at Grupo LORMAR.

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