How to know if executive and leadership coaching are right for you

Many prospective executive and leadership coaches wonder whether coaching would be a good fit for them or not.

We have posted a video on Youtube to help you answer that question for yourself.

Basically, we have found that there are four criteria that suggest that someone would find coaching to be a fulfilling next step in their career:

1. You have a passion for helping people develop and be their best. Many of our members share that developing others has been among the most rewarding activities and achievements in their careers.

2. You have a natural orientation towards possibilities and opportunities. You look forward vs. backwards.

3. You have a talent for listening, dialogue, and collaboration. You can stay in the moment during a conversation. You have what might be called “conversational agility.”

4. You have something that makes you credible. It could be in-depth study in a field (e.g., business, psychology, law, technology), a track record of achievement, or experience in an industry or type of organization.

Please watch the video. If coaching feels like a good potential fit for you, please review our programs (scroll down this long page for all the details) and reach out anytime to discuss next steps.

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