Institute for Business Growth founder Andrew Neitlich prepares release of second Guerrilla Marketing Book

Institute for Business Growth founder Andrew Neitlich prepares for the release of his second book written with Guerrilla Marketing founder and father Jay Conrad Levinson. The title is Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan: The Ten Battles You Must Win to Start Your Own Business, and How to Win Them Decisively. The book will be released in the winter of 2011.

GM Job Escape Plan is unlike any other book dedicated to starting a business. It focuses in on exactly what an employee must do to make the leap, including how to overcome fear, get support from friends and family, and test ideas in low-risk ideas before quitting one's job. Of course, it also uses the Guerrilla Marketing philosophy to inspire readers to get out there and take action.

The goal of the book is that 1 million people start businesses — and Neitlich is developing a bonus online membership area for readers to take advantage of additional resources and live telecalls with the author.

Neitlich is a seasoned business coach and business coach trainer, and has launched a number of successful ventures. He has also launched a couple of failures, and shares those experiences in the book — along with interviews and words of wisdom from 150 other entrepreneurs.


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