So many opportunities in executive and leadership coaching….

Generally each week or two there is a single theme that emerges as we work with our members and fellow coaches: a specific coaching topic, coaching skill, or challenge in working with clients. Over the past couple of weeks, coaches and clients are contacting us about so many topics that the only unifying theme seems to be:


If you are not already an executive and leadership coach, read the list below. They capture the opportunities we have come across in the past couple of weeks, and see for yourself whether getting into the coaching field is exciting  to you. If you are already a coach, and you are not getting these types of opportunities, you might consider our Business Development Intensive to get more of the opportunities you want.

Here you go….

– A leader in a private equity firm uses executive coaching to coach leaders in his portfolio companies to improve performance.

– A senior leader and in a major technology company coaches some brilliant but challenging technology experts to develop some of the softer people skills to balance out their rough edges.

– We heard from a past graduate from a few years ago. He has written a book and used it as a platform for coaching, training, and speaking. His practice has grown exponentially and he works with a number of senior leaders, especially in the technology space. In fact, a number of our members and graduates either already have written books or want to write books and use them as a platform for their practices. We have great support to do this, because we have done it and we have a cohort of members who have done it. We even have modules in our program that show you how, step by step.

– Leaders in an academic medical center are rolling out a program to create a culture of coaching in order to retain top faculty members and keep them from going to other academic medical centers located in more desirable geographic locations.

– An internal coach in a medical system is working with physicians on peer-to-peer coaching to help them collaborate more effectively.

– Another past graduate touched base with us because, in addition to her thriving practice with advertising and creative agencies, she just started speaking on the Tedx circuit. We have a couple of alumni who do this, including one who is an organizer for TED.

– A former HR executive is launching a practice emphasizing HR consulting and executive & leadership coaching. This seems to be a strong area for us, because we have a cluster of members who come from HR and incorporate coaching with HR consulting.

– One of our graduates contacted us for support coaching a top-tier golfer. This golfer has everything he needs to break into the top echelon of the game, but has some limiting beliefs holding him back. He wanted to plan out some coaching strategies to help him break through his limits. We also received an inquiry looking for a few coaches with some background coaching sports coaches.

– A coach working with a Fortune 50 company is coaching an up-and-coming leader who is frustrated that his ideas aren’t being accepted by the C-suite, and wanted advice about how best to coach this individual to have more influence and communication impact (we have a number of toolkits to help).

– A number of coaches are working with non-profit boards on strategic planning and board development and wanted to review our toolkits with us.

– Some coaches are developing ways to work with family businesses on legacy and succession planning. One is exploring ways to incorporate behavioral coaching with family business leaders.

– At least one female coaches contacted us to discuss opportunities to help female executives who are frustrated with the barriers they face in their organizations, or who want to take new steps in their careers. This area continues to be of high interest.

– A couple of mental health professionals are working to transition their practices to either move 100% to executive and leadership coaching, or to include that as part of their practices.

– One coach has developed a virtual/online app that coaches executives and clients, and is very excited about how this type of technology can augment in-person coaching.

– A global financial firm growing at a rate of 25% per year is working with coaches to develop their middle managers to grow as leaders and continue their impressive growth rate without too much turbulence.

– A national real estate investment firm has hired coaches to bring together their senior leadership team by building more trust and commitment.

– A coach is needed to work with a leader who is a top performer in almost all respects — except that he erupts in anger from time to time. The coach is needed to shadow him, figure out what is going on, and work with him to find more productive ways to express himself when he is angry and/or frustrated.

That’s a pretty amazing and diverse list of opportunities for just a couple of weeks. I hope that it shows you the huge variety of opportunities available to you in the executive and leadership coaching field, and gets you excited about what you can achieve and do here!

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