How to get your first executive coaching client

When you join the Center for Executive Coaching for executive coaching certification, whether our distance learning or seminar certification option, you not only learn proven best practices and methodologies as an executive and leadership coach…you also learn how to build your practice. The following video explains what it takes to get your practice going and to get your first client. It also gives you an overview of our approach and program. Enjoy! If you like the content and see a possible fit, please review our programs and reach out anytime to discuss your goals and any questions you have before you register.

Following is an executive summary of the video:

  • One: Be an excellent coach
    • Have a practical path, tools, and solutions to help your client address their most pressing challenges as a leader
  • Two: Have the right mindset
    • Keep learning, especially after a “no” from a prospective client
    • Don’t hide behind your website; get out there and be visible
    • All you need is a couple of clients for greater confidence, referrals, momentum, and success
  • Three: Position yourself powerfully as a certified executive coach
    • Write a compelling message that states why you are the go-to coach
    • Start with a pressing problem your clients face, the benefits you provide, why you are unique and better, and end with a call to action that lets prospective clients see that you are an expert (e.g., an ebook, video series, webinar, tool you have created)
  • Four: Get visible in ways that attract clients
    • The four best ways are: relationship marketing, educational marketing, leadership roles, and online marketing
  • Five: Have the right packaging/pricing
    • Charge by solution, not hourly or monthly
    • If in doubt, choose a price that makes you equally happy whether you get a “yes” and a “no”
  • Six: Learn the natural conversation that close engagements. We teach you how to do this in our program.
    • Seven: Create a long term relationship with clients
      • Listen for new opportunities with the same client/coaching continued or new service
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