New Career Book for Entrepreneurs: Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan

Press Release Issued Today:

The Evolving American Career: New and innovative book, Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan, shows dreamers how to overcome fear and start a business in today’s economy

Ahead of monthly the Bureau of Labor report on employment, author and business startup expert, is available for interviews on how to go from unemployed to entrepreneur without a costly business degree

SARASOTA, FL (November 1, 2011) —In the midst of grueling economic times and high unemployment rates, Andrew Neitlich, founder of The Center for Executive Coaching, announced today the release of a new book, Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan, offering practical solutions for budding entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into action. The book is co-written with Guerrilla Marketing founder and father Jay Conrad Levinson.

Unlike typical self-help business books, Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan highlights a new trend in how Americans can create their own jobs rather than look for them.  The author describes how to win the battles holding back most business owners including: overcoming fear, finding the right idea, identifying a profitable strategy, obtaining financial resources, mitigating risk, finding the first profitable customer, and leaving your job without burning any bridges.Whether currently employed and stuck in a rut, laid-off, unemployed, underemployed, or a recent graduate, the author explains why the time to start a business is now.

“Seventy-five percent of all Americans are unhappy in their current jobs. They tolerate a lousy boss, long commute, tedious tasks, annoying co-workers, and all the other mundane elements of holding down a job, when they could be much happier as an entrepreneur,” says author Andrew Neitlich. “This book expands beyond the traditional job hunter’s bible, What Color is Your Parachute?, and instead prepares the reader for the leap into a new business venture. With this book we are calling on 1 million people to join the trend, follow their dreams, and leave the workplace forever through what we are calling The Job Escape Challenge.”

“Until now, no Guerrilla Marketing book has shown how to go from being an employee to becoming a business owner,” says co-author Jay Conrad Levinson, who oversees the best-selling marketing book series of all time. “Make no mistake: There are battles and you must win each one.”

In addition to step-by-step guidance, over 150 successful entrepreneurs share their wisdom and insights. Plus, the book includes an exclusive password with free resources to start a successful business, giving readers for free what Neitlich believes is the equivalent to obtaining a MBA in Entrepreneurship.

In addition to the book, the author is launching a video contest calling for compelling video of personal stories about starting a business. One winner will be selected to receive a library of five Guerrilla Marketing books personally signed by Guerrilla Marketing founder and legend Jay Conrad Levinson. The contest ends on January 11, 2012, and winners will be announced on or around February 22, 2012.

About the Author

Andrew Neitlichis the founder and director of of The Center for Executive Coaching. The Center for Executive Coaching trains coaches and aspiring coaches from around the world to work with executives and business owners. Andrew received his undergraduate degree from Harvard College in 1987 and his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991.

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Examples of advice from successful entrepreneurs in the book:

Be prepared: Marketing Consultant Karen Saverino, President of Eightfold Strategy shares “Before starting my company I saved up for a year’s worth of living expenses. You hear this advice a lot and it works. You have to know that your basic needs and a few small luxuries will be covered in order to focus on your business success. Second, I had a solid business plan in place that included events, email marketing, direct outreach, publishing and networking. Knowing that I had mindfully crafted an approach helped me keep moving forward with the mindset that if I invested my energy in logical places and took a few chances when unique opportunities arose, it would pay off.”

Believe in yourself and your business. Have Faith! Trinda Latherow writes “Before anything can come out of our efforts, we must believe or know in our heart and mind that our product or service is worthwhile, useful for the betterment of others, or truly meant to be. It is our belief in self and in whatever we put out there that inspires us to persevere when all else tell us otherwise. We overcome fear with faith in self and whatever we help to create. It is confidence that draws others to us.”

Take small steps until you are ready to go all out. You don’t have to quit your job and launch your business overnight. Take time to study other businesses, freelance, build up your skills and ask advice from others who have been where you want to go. David Pitlyuk, founder of Carbon Fiber Gear, writes “The way that I was able to somewhat offset my fear was by doing my business on the side for as long as I could while working during the day. This meant a lot of late nights and busy weekends, but it allowed me to have a decent enough amount of revenue coming in so that by the time I left my job, my financial risk was much lower.”

Get support from other people. Photographer Oana Hogrefe writes, “Have your family’s support. They will have to share you with your business in different ways than they used to share with your corporate job, so it needs to be a pursuit for them as well.

Sharon Jones, owner of the E-Marketing firm ShazzCo adds, “I was terrified to tell contacts about my new business in case it failed and I had to return, hat in hand, to look or a job in six months. In retrospect, it was a mistake. I could have used my network to build my client list far faster and become more profitable sooner if I hadn’t been afraid that my existing contacts would snicker up their sleeves at my business idea. My advice is: Once you’ve decided to start your business, get the word out as quickly as possible to your entire network.”

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