“Nowhere-to-hide” coaching

Do you wonder what it really takes to get a stubborn, arrogant, yet highly successful executive to change and get even better?

After a decade and a half of coaching these individuals, and being one myself, I think I've figured it out. It requires "nowhere-to-hide" coaching.

Nowhere-to-hide coaching includes the following elements:

– Objective data about one's behavior and the consequences of negative habits.

– Helping the executive understand the implications of standing still vs. making positive change — in other words, creating a burning platform that compels the executive to be coachable.

– A behavioral coaching program that gives the executive frequent, objective data from trusted sources about how well he is making improvements.

– Coaching on giving and receiving advice from others, and using that advice to get better — while also improving the relationship and helping others get better, too.

– Looking at and reframing perceptions that impede habit change.

– Using research-driven tools that change behaviors in sustainable ways.

– Meeting at least weekly with the execuitve to check progress, re-commit to the process, overcome any hurdles, and provide positive reinforcement.

– Looking at the executive's power base of relationships up, down, across, and outside the organization — and helping the executive assess and improve his or her base of relationships.

– Using real-time issues that the executive is facing to drive positive change and get better.

– Adding as needed distinctions, tools, and exercises to help the executive broaden and deepen his or her range of skills and become more agile, flexible, and effective.

Change doesn't happen with fluffy coaching. A comprehensive, nowhere-to-hide approach is required, and that's what we teach at The Center for Executive Coaching.

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