Is executive coaching right for you? Please view our information session about Executive Coaching Certification with the Center for Executive Coaching

Please enjoy this recording of a recent Information Session. It reviews:

  • What makes a good executive coach;
  • The executive coaching marketplace;
  • Different coaching models available to you; and
  • Overview of the Center for Executive Coaching and what sets us apart.

If you have serious interest after reviewing this recording, please review our approach, pricing, and programs. Then reach out anytime for a one-on-one strategy session to answer any remaining questions you might have. Some suggestions:

  • If you are not sure where to start, our core program is the right place.
  • For an ICF (International Coaching Federation) designation, see details here. Note that our program is modular. If you are not yet sure, start with the core program. Everything you do there counts towards your ICF requirements. You can add the extra training (mentor coaching) anytime by paying the difference.
  • You can also get certified quickly with our 3-day virtual intensive certification seminar. The seminar has the added benefit of giving you just about all the live training hours you need to apply to the ICF (excepting mentor coaching). It also gets rave reviews for engaging and effective delivery.

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3 Keys To Success As An Executive Coach

Discover what distinguishes the top 5% of executive coaches, learn the seven critical orientations for success, and know the essential questions to ask when choosing an executive coaching training program.


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