The many ways Center for Executive Coaching members have cohorts

One reason professionals join the Center for Executive Coaching for executive coaching certification is because of the great people you will meet and our supportive community.

After training coaches for almost 20 years, we have learned about the most effective ways to connect members for support, to form alliances, and to share common interests and opportunities. They include the following:

– If you join the full ICF training, you will be placed in a cohort of 10 coaches as part of the ICF mentor coaching training. Over three months, you will form powerful bonds with your fellow coaches. You practice coaching together, learn from each other, and our graduates report that they are often still in touch with each other long after they receive our executive coaching certification and their ICF designation.

If you attend one of our executive coaching certification seminars, you will meet another great group of professionals. You will break into groups to coach and be coached about your top issues as an executive and leadership coach. We build in opportunities to network and support one another. Once again, our graduates of the seminar report that they stay in touch long after the seminar ends.

– As soon as you join any of our executive coaching certification programs, you participate in a group orientation that connects new members. It is a great time to share your contact information and a bit about your goals, ask questions and hear other members’ questions, and start to get to know one another.

– Even though you can join any class at any time, we are a small program. Classes tend to have the same people showing up. During class time, we break into groups to practice and get to know one another. Many of our participants report that they connect during this time to meet with like-minded participants after class to support each other.

– We have a private LinkedIn group that is very active and supportive with over 2500 members and alumni. Coaches constantly post questions for each other as well as opportunities when they have a need for coaches.

– We offer affinity groups that let you meet other coaches in the program based on common interests: a specific geography, an industry, assessments, a type of coaching. For instance, we have coaches in various cities that meet live every week or two to network. We have coaches meeting to discuss assessment tools, coaching physicians, discussing coaching and issues in diversity, supporting each other in going from full-time employment to self-employment as a coach. There are many groups and, if you don’t see one you want, you can start one up!

– We have a member matching feature in your member area that lets you match up with other coaches to practice coaching, get additional support, and connect. This also allows you to gain the coaching experience hours you need for an ICF designation.

– We often have value-added classes that bring coaches together. For instance, we offer live classes about business development that not only share critical content, but allow members to join in and connect.

At the Center for Executive Coaching, we have found that “cohorts” are based on common interests as well as when you start, and we provide as many ways as possible to connect you with other members. You can even make a special request if there are certain criteria for the coaches you want to meet, and we will connect you that way!

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