The three levels of business development for coaches

There are 3 levels of business development. The top coaches make it to the third level. Most coaches can’t make it past the first without help.

Level I: Get your first few clients and build momentum. Many coaches never get past this level, and give up their dream of becoming a coach simply for this reason. It is  not hard to get your first few clients and have them rave about you….if you know how to create a compelling marketing message, get visible in the right ways, and have top-tier coaching content to offer clients.

Level II: Get all the clients you can handle. We teach a 3-day coaching model. That way, you spend 2 days marketing your practice and building new products/programs. You need to make marketing your #1 job while you fill your practice. Our coaching programs give you a 10-step proven system to do just that — without tacky or awkward marketing or sales gimmicks. Instead, we show you how to position yourself as the go-to coach in your market.

Level III: Build a firm. Top coaches and professional  advisors don’t trade their time for dollars. There are
dozens of strategies to build a firm that earns money for you while you do other things. That way, you have unlimited  income potential and can sell your firm down the road for  top dollar. Few coaches reach this point, but if you are serious about building a firm, we show you how to do it right.

Which level describes your practice? We help you achieve your financial goals as a coach, because our  marketing and firm building advice is outstanding and proven. We even provide personalized support to help you get going and keep growing, at no additional cost to you.

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