The Trouble with Most Marketing Messages

Your marketing message is everything you say or do to get people interested in your services.

Unfortunately, most marketing messages are generic, boring, and irrelevant, for the following reasons:

  • Too much about you and your credentials instead of about the prospect’s most pressing concerns;
  • Mistaking a marketing message for a statement of mission, vision, and values;
  • Creating a generic message that fails to set your solutions and your firm apart;
  • No proof to justify your claims; and
  • Failure to incorporate all required elements of an irresistible message.

Following are the key ingredients of a compelling marketing message:

  • A focused target market. That way, you can develop a marketing message that resonates with your audience.
  • An understanding of the most pressing problems your market faces, and what these problems cost – in both business and emotional terms.
  • Your solution, and the value/benefits it provides.
  • Why your solution is unique and superior.
  • Proof that your claims are true, in the form of data, case studies, and testimonials.

Once you have this message created, you can incorporate it into everything you do, while constantly offering valuable information that compels your audience to respond.

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