Three reasons why now is the best time for you to get into execuitve and leadership coaching

Executive and leadership coaches help executives, leaders, managers, up-and-coming talent and business owners to improve performance and results. Now is one of the best times for you to get into this growing field, for the following reasons:

1. You have tremendous impact. Whether you are or want to be an internal or external coach, coaching offer you the chance to have a huge impact and make a significant difference to others. People at all levels are suffering in their roles. They feel overwhelmed. They face conflicts with others. They are juggling too many priorities. They are questioning their larger purpose. They have gaps in their skills that they don't even know about, and that are holding back their careers. They have limiting beliefs that keep them from performing at their peak. They have challenges working with teams, engaging and mobilizing people, and communicating effectively. As a coach, you get to address these issues and help people make enormous leaps in their performance, results, and fulfillment. I can't think of too many other roles that let you have this level of impact.

2. The flexibility is unbeatable. Coaches can work from anywhere, make their own hours, choose their clients, and decide how much they want to earn. In my own case, I run a successful coaching practice from my home office, with plenty of time to spend with my family, on my tennis game, and pursuing avocations of interest to me. You would have to put a gun to my head to get me to take a traditional corporate role and give up the freedom and flexibility I have today — and I am making five times the amount I was paid when I last had a salary.

3. If you have substance and a track record of achievement, you can do circles around most coaches practicing today. Coaching is a new profession. Many self-proclaimed coaches — even those with designations from the leading coaching association — are not very good at coaching executives, leaders, business owners, or managers. For instance, many come from a life coaching background, and executives roll their eyes at their approach. Others are former executives who lack formal coach training, and who spend more time talking at their clients than helping them to make measurable improvements. Yet another group comes from academic coach training programs; they know theory, but cannot apply it to bring value to clients worth 5-10 times their fees. The Center for Executive Coaching gives you the practical, best-practice coaching methodologies and tools you need to succeed — so long as you have a track record of achievement, a passion for helping others improve, and the presence and spark to work with dynamic clients. There is no better time to get in the market, because demand continues to grow and you can beat 90% of the coaches who are practicing today!



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