Two huge, scary trends for coaches and managers/executives

Two scary but also exciting trends are going to be rocking our careers, and in fact already are.

Trend #1: Most managers and executives, especially in companies that rely on technology and knowledge, are obsolete by age 35. This trend was discussed in a Wall Street Journal article in regards to HP laying off 27,000 workers. Most of these workers will be older and higher paid, made redundant by new, less expensive graduates and overseas competition.

The implication: If you are in your 30s or 40s, or older, and still working as an employee, you had better have a Plan B. For instance, starting a coaching/consulting/advisory business is a great way for you way to take your expertise and wisdom and share it to help less seasoned employees and managers be successful.

Trend #2: Get ready to work until you are 80. Government is going broke, and we are living longer. Prepare to pay for your own way during the so-called golden years. Everyone must be prepared to have a career that they love and that will sustain them — with income and fulfillment — into old age.

The implication: Over time, your lowest risk career is one where you have many clients instead of one. Again, a career as a coach offers you the chance to constantly evolve with the market and build a firm that grows as you continue to gain new insights through client work.

Do you have your Plan B in place? Many mid-career managers and executives are getting into coaching, and now is the
time to get in.

If you would like to join a robust, practical, no-fluff program that shows you have to build a firm, contact me on my personal cell: 941-539-9623. You will be glad you did.


Andrew Neitlich, Director, Center for Executive Coaching

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