We are so glad we are not the biggest coach training program in the world!

Here is a recent testimonial from a member. After you read it, please let me explain why it is so meaningful to us:

“After working with a lot of coaches who were trained in either Adler or CTI , I am so happy that I made the decision to get certified through you at the Center for Executive Coaching which is of true value in the business space. I also have to say I really value your frameworks which are so very useful and gives me the confidence to  offer a broad range of coaching services should the need arise….I have about 20 clients in the Career Transition space, including a President of a fleet company and a VP of a real estate company,  which I get from my Consulting relationship with an HR firm. I am actively getting out there now trying to market myself as I can make 4x as  much when I get my own clients:). What I am really targeting is team assessments and coaching and would also ideally try and get a leadership circle going (I thought this was a fantastic idea  after attending one of your webinars.)”  – Dilys Harrison


Before selecting us, this recent graduate of our program had been comparing us to a coach training program that is proud to position itself as the largest coach training program in the world. That’s an interesting positioning. You see, most coaches struggle to make a living. If the largest coach training program in the world is indeed the largest, then it is logical to assume that this program is the one who has trained the most coaches. It is also logical to assume that this program is also responsible for so many coaches who are struggling. If I were them, I wouldn’t be so loud about saying that they are as big as they are!!!


In contrast, the Center for Executive Coaching is a bit newer to the coach training space, although we have been training coaches for over a decade. We are a boutique training program. We train a fraction of the coaches who are out in the market. Frankly, we scare most would-be coaches away, and tend to attract seasoned, already-successful, very smart professionals who have a passion for working with leaders, managers, business owners, and up-and-coming talent. We are not a life coach training ground! Instead, we offer a highly practical approach to coaching, starting with the client’s most pressing challenges and how to provide them with value. There is no room for fluff, pseudo-science, or jargon.


As a result, our students tend to be successful — whether as internal or external coaches.


Our goal is for our members (we call you a member when you join vs. a student, because you are a member for life, with access to ongoing support) to have measurable impact with clients, so that you in turn have serious success — whether as an internal or external coach.



Here is another recent one that hasn’t had time to make it to the website, from a psychotherapist who transitioned into coaching and increased his revenues by $100,000 in only one year with our support:


“Exec coaching continues to build and grow, I love it!  Please let me know if you have anyone who ever wants a reference for your program, especially on cost.  I’ve made that money back hand over fist in one year.  In 8 months just this year, I’ve already billed over $100k in coaching engagements.  Crazy fun man.”


That’s our goal, stated in the words of one of our members.


Meanwhile, we also help internal coaches have more impact in their organizations by focusing on practical results, methodologies, and programs that get the attention on senior leaders and help move strategic initiatives forward.


So, yes, we are delighted to be a small player in the coach training space. We don’t want to be the biggest, because we think that being a coach is a privilege for a select few, not for everyone who has a check to hand over to get trained and certified.








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