What American Idol can contribute to a coach’s marketing strategy

Do you watch American Idol?

I was watching recently, and checking out the coaching that some of the music-industry experts were giving the singers.

Amazingly, that show actually made some great insights that apply to successful, and unsuccessful coaches.

One industry veteran was coaching a singer named Haley. He said to her (paraphrased), "Last week you sang Pop. The
week before you sang Country. And now you are singing Rock. I don't know who you are. I don't think you know who you are. And that means the audience doesn't know who you are. That's not good."

The same is true for coaches. The best coaches focus in on a niche, and become the go-to professionals in that niche.

They know who they are, and so does everyone else. That way, they have a powerful brand that people remember. Best of all,
people know when to call them for help.

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Another American Idol contestant, a remarkable 17-year old singer, only sings country, no matter how much pressure he feels to switch it up. He is probably going to make it to the finals, and will certainly get a record deal out of this exposure.

Here is what the music industry veteran said to him: "We put blinders on horses so that they stay on the path and don't miss their destination. You know who you are, and have the courage and confidence to be who you are. Most people don't have the guts to do that."

Who knew that a show like American Idol could offer some great wisdom to coaches about how to market our practices?

So, who are you as a coach?


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