Would you be a good executive and leadership coach?

Here is what we have found are the attributes of someone who has the makings of an excellent executive and leadership coach.

– Credibility demonstrated through a track record of success. Could be education, accomplishments, experiences.

– Curiosity about people and what makes us be the best we can be.

– Humility to let the client lead the process and come up with the right insights for them.

– Conversational dexterity – ability to listen, flow with the conversation, and stay in the moment.

– Usually our members have a history of developing others or being the person others come to when they need a sounding board or support.

– Passion to help people be their best. In some ways, coaching is a calling.

Do you have most of the above attributes? If so, please review our different program options and reach out anytime to discuss fit with our program.

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