Would you rather be successful or …

It all comes back to outcomes.

Sometimes executives are getting terrific payoffs for neglecting outcomes.

A great conversation to have with your clients in these situations starts off, “Would you rather be successful or….?”

You fill in the blank, depending on the situation:

– Look smart

– Have status

– Look good

– Be safe

– Be popular

– Have perfect information

– Be invulnerable

– Protect your ego

If you have a client whose behavior indicates that they get payoffs through non-productive behaviors and values like the ones above, then you can provide data documenting these behaviors and what they are costing him or her. Next, work with the client to understand why they values these behaviors over the true success that comes with results.

Successful outcomes are hard to achieve. It is much easier to look good, stay safe, or be popular. Take a stand for the results your clients hired you to get.

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