Great News for Seasoned Coaches!

If you have studied with another International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved training program, you can now transfer your training hours to the Center for Executive Coaching – and you could even earn a scholarship credit of 10% towards your program tuition!

Perfect for coaches with an ICF ACC who want to upgrade to a PCC, or simply for coaches with significant additional coach training with an ICF approved training program.

Are you an ACC in search of a reputable bridges program to get your PCC?

Or are you a coach that has already completed significant coursework with another ICF-approved program?

If you have completed significant studies with other training programs, we can credit some or all of your work to our Level 2 training program, and provide you with a scholarship credit of about 10% of your program cost based on your previous studies.

Because our programs are made up of short modules, you get to choose where you focus your time and effort. After all, you’ve already completed some studies and should be rewarded for your accomplishments.

You have two options:

1. If you have completed the mentor coaching you need for your PCC/Level 2 (your mentor coach must be at least a PCC and have worked with you on the Level 2 requirements; we will need to verify their credential with the ICF and that they have provided you with the proper mentoring), then you only need our core program. We can pull your previous training hours into this to save you time. Register here after getting your 10% scholarship code by emailing us. This is an extremely flexible program for you. You choose which classes to attend in order to complete your hours.

2. If you need to complete mentor coaching, then join our ICF Training and we will take care of that. You can still bring in your ACC training hours to accelerate the process, and you choose the classes to attend to complete your Level 2 training requirements. We make it as easy as possible! Register here after getting your 10% scholarship code by emailing us.

Most importantly, you get access to our best-in-class, results-driven, proprietary tools and methods for top-tier executive and leadership coaches.

Please contact us anytime to discuss your 10% scholarship. Please review the above links for full information first, to be sure that pricing and our approach is a good fit for you. Thank you!

Another option: Purchase our full Suite of Proven Coaching Solutions and Toolkits, along with our Business Development Guidance

The Center for Executive Coaching’s Coaching Solutions and Toolkiits give you the most efficient and effective pathways to getting results for clients and help them with their most pressing challenges as leaders and managers. They have been used by coaches in top organizations in 32 countries. Instead of winging it when a client has a problem, you get a methodology to follow that helps you know the conversations to have for the fastest path to insights, accountability, and action towards improved performance.

That way, you come across as a credible professional with a proven approach.

These coaching solutions are not scripts or a paint-by-numbers system, although they are easy to follow and have significant impact. A good metaphor is a river system. You learn the areas of inquiry needed to effectively explore an issue with a client and help him or her have powerful insights. You explore all of the tributaries of the river system, while other coaches have to hope that they are being thorough.

(Ready to register but have some questions or want a strategy session to confirm fit? Call 941-539-9623 or email us at Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions.)
Here is a three-step process to get started:

Step One: Review our programs to find the program that is right for you. Click the links below to explore your options and decide which program is right for you:

Our distance learning training and Executive Coaching Certification program. This program is right for you if you need additional hours towards your ICF designation, and don’t need ICF mentor coaching or full ICF Level 2 training. You learn at your own pace or via our live webinars. You choose the content you want to learn. You can skip foundational work if you want, or learn our proven and practical approach to working with executives, leaders, business owners, and up-and-coming talent.

Join our Executive Coaching Certification Seminar. This program includes Executive Coaching Certification via our highly-acclaimed seminar. Find out why people from 32 countries rave about this experience. You will join a cohort of amazing professionals. This program includes the distance learning program described above.

Complete the full ICF training with us. This program includes ALL of the training hours required by the ICF, including mentor coaching. You can complete this work via our distance learning and also add a seminar to accelerate your hours. We can transfer some of your hours from previously completed ICF-approved coursework.

Step Two: After you have chosen your program and intend to enroll within two weeks, contact Us at

Please provide specifics of the program(s) you have taken, their ICF status, number of hours completed, a bit about your background (we specialize in working with already-successful professionals) and your goals with our program. We will arrange a call with you to confirm mutual fit.

Step Three: We issue you a code to enroll in your program to receive a scholarship crediting you with a 10% discount.

It’s that easy. Coaches from many other programs joined us and often report back, “I wish I had found you first” and “You filled in the gaps from my original coach training.” That’s because our programs focus on what clients expect from executive and leadership coaches — in practical, results-driven terms and with proven processes, solutions, and tools. Plus, you join a group of already-successful professionals with impressive backgrounds. If you want your executive and leadership coaching practice to get to that next level, you will be so very glad you joined us.

(Ready to register but have some questions or want a strategy session to confirm fit? Call 941-539-9623 or email us at Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions.)

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